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Friday and Saturday
by posted 04/28/2021

Hello Padres Parents,


We had an awesome scrimmage game against the Yankees tonight. I am so proud of all the boys but I would like to specifically mention two. 


Sebastian was asked to pitch tonight. He told me it had been some time since he pitched in a game. He was awesome. He found the strike zone when we needed it and kept his cool. I cant ask for more. 


Michael scooped up a hot shot grounder on his glove side and made a picture perfect throw to first for the out. 


We had a lot of fun tonight. It was a loose and relaxed atmosphere. That to me, is what baseball is all about. Competetion, fun, and athleticism. I want nothing more than these boys to learn something and have as much fun as they did tonight. 


Friday practice will be canceled. These boys have worked hard and the coaches and I think they are ready. Plus, three of the four coaches have conflict. We figured they have a game in the morning. They will be ready. We are playing against the Yankees, who we scrimmaged this evening. Please have your boys at P2 by 9 am. They can meet me directly at the batting cages. 



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Today’s practice.
by posted 04/24/2021

Good morning Padres, 


Practuce will be ending at 12:30. I understand the schedule says 1. However, I'm forced to alter as my other children require pickups and drop offs at thier activities, which I was unaware of. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

chris M 

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